Friday, September 5, 2008

Equal Rights for fathers: (Our Goals Beyond This Millenia)

I will Not give up the fight until Men achieve "Equal-Parenting" beyond the custodial issue. He should be given Equal Custody without stipulation, and regardless of circumstance.

Most importantly: In the future, other options should be made available for men. This can be achieved by using Technological Advances; such as Laboratory Fetal Development & genetic copying. As well as, methods which are currently undiscovered.

And Men will NOT stop fighting until this goal is fully met. And, it must be done, for which all future generations of men shall benefit.


thebanter said...

to the best of my knowledge, this blog accepts all comments, including those from anonymous viewers.
I will not moderate, or censor, those viewpoints which differ from my own.

sincerely, David.

thebanter said...

I should've said "So That all future Generations of men shall benefit".
"From now until ever, AMEN."